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Our Staff & Locations

DOWNTOWN - 102-309 Hargrave St. 943-7429
Staff at this Location:
NORTH McPHILLIPS - 100-2200 McPhillips St. 694-2337
Staff at this Location:
D'Arcy Bain (Owner)  |  Ed Zwingerman (PT)  |  Kim Shaw (PT)  |  Terry Woodard (PT)  |  Lydia Baydack (PT)  |  Denise Colburn (PT)  |  Erin Majcher (PT)  |  Jackie Clift (PT)  |  Keir Froese (PTA)  |  Colleen Toews (RMT)  |  Sherilynn Friesen (RMT)  |  Janna Shumila (RMT)
ST.JAMES - 120-3025 Portage Ave. 889-8769
Staff at this Location:
D'Arcy Bain (Owner)  |  Wayne Lacko (PT)  |  Laurie Ostash (PT)  |  Mieke Vonderbank (PT)  |  Sheri Legault (PT)  |  Amanda Wallis (RMT)
NORTH MAIN - 108-2110 Main St. 338-0008
Staff at this Location:
D'Arcy Bain (Owner)  |  Janna Shumila (RMT)  |  Lukas Hildebrand (Physiotherapist)
ST.VITAL - 4-827 Dakota St. 257-7678
Staff at this Location:
D'Arcy Bain (Owner)  |  Leah Bima (PT)  |  Carrie Cole (PT)  |  Bobbi Jo Castaneda (RMT)
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Q: What is physiotherapy?
Q: What kind of physiotherapy treatment can I expect?
Q: What should I bring to my first appointment?
Q: What should I wear?
Q: What if I'm running late or can't make an appointment?
Q: What about additional paperwork?

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